Bitters ‘n Twisted Venues is joining the campaign to “ditch the straw” by offering biodegradable straws, only when requested. 

Bitters ‘n Twisted Founder and Director Matt Scriven said:

“Although we’ve been recycling our bottles and cardboard since I first opened Island Bar, long before it became fashionable to do so it’s now become obvious that removing plastic straws is the next move in our desire to be responsible operators.  Although it’s more expensive to do so we really want to use products that are more environmentally friendly and set an example to other operators that plastic straws really have no place behind a bar anymore, not with suppliers offering great products such as the straws we use that are 100% biodegradable and decompose in 12 weeks.”

This change in policy also includes removing the “standard serve” of two straws for most drinks that bartenders have been following for years.  Guests will be served the majority of drinks without a straw but will be provided with a paper based [;[oones if requested.  Certain drinks, by nature, require a straw to enjoy them, such as a Caipirinha which is made with crushed ice.


I was actually quite shocked when I saw at Bitters n’ Twisted Venues for 2017 that we used over 1 million plastic straws, we aim to get this number massively reduced by the end of 2018.  We do hope guests will appreciate the move and join us in only using a straw when needed.  Backed by Dame Vivienne Westwood #refusethestraw has been growing in popularity as more and more of our peers have joined in, we just had to follow suit” added Matt.